Product Review: Ad-Aware 2007 SE Antispyware

Ad-Aware has been in use for several years. From time to time, Lavasoft releases a new edition of this product. The latest version out is Ad-Aware 2007 SE. This product comes in a free personal edition and two step up versions that come with a cost attached. The top of the line version is the Pro. If you have problems with data mining cookies or some .exe programs that somehow find their way onto your hard drive, this product is what you are looking to get.

I have found that Ad-Aware finds things that the normal antivirus program does not scan to find. It will remove most virus code that it finds while scanning for spyware. I like the fact that it also will remove your privacy items, as well as, the spyware. This means that hackers and trojans will not have as much to find if your system is compromised.

Every few days, Lavasoft offers updates to the spyware database. These can be downloaded quickly and install in seconds. Like your antivirus software, it is important to keep these files up to date if you expect to have adequate protection. Updates to the software itself are released regularly. These can be downloaded and installed at the same time as the database updates. This just adds another layer of convenience to this product. Click here to read more: how to clone a phone

The free version, which is my choice because I tend to be on the cheap side, offers nearly all of the features of the upgrades. The major exception to this is that you do not get as much real time protection. Because of this, with the free version, you have to make sure to run it every couple of days for maximum protection. Most spyware will not hurt your computer, but it will gradually eat up your machine cycles until your computer runs at a crawl. It can also cause unwanted websites to come up instead of where you intended to go.

After a scan, version 7 gives you the options of how to handle the spyware it has located just as previous versions. You can also check to see what type of spyware will be removed, and what type of security risk it carries. By checking the boxes, you can quickly remove all of the offending programs. You can remove them individually or all at once.

Ad-Aware will fix both of these problems. After one run, you will notice a major difference in your computer’s performance if it has been slowed with spyware. The high jacked website problem will also be fixed if spyware was the problem. If you intentionally downloaded some form of loader program, you may need to reset your computer to an earlier check point to get rid of it. Visit the up coming post: how to clone a phone

If you are a user of an older version of Ad-Aware, you will probably like the new look to the screen. The updating process seems simpler and faster. My only real complaint with the latest version of this software is that I do not find it as easy to navigate through the spyware that is being removed after a scan. It may just be that I need more time with it. I have been running version 7 for about a month. It does seem to load up a little slower than previous versions, but I assume this is due to increased code to up the power of the software. It still does its efficient cleansing of your computer. The easiest way to get this software is just to go to and click on the appropriate download button.