How to Protect Your Computer from Spyware

If you have been using the internet for long time, you must be aware of the nuisance of virus, worms and spyware. Spyware is a program that enters into a computer (generally without permission of the owner) and collects and sends personal information to a third party (usually the person who has put the spyware on the computer). This information may include the way you browse the net, what websites you visit, how much time you spend on them and in the worst case, even your various usernames and passwords. This information may be used by unscrupulous marketing companies to send you targeted advertisement and emails. All this may result into opening of unwanted pop-up windows, slowing down of your internet connection, diminished performance of your computer and invasion in your privacy.

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As with any malady, you should try to prevent the spyware from entering your computer in the first place. Most of the spyware program use either of the two techniques to invade your computer. First one is, they make you click on a link that installs a spyware. It could be a seemingly innocuous window that has popped up that you clicked on without thinking. It may be programmed in such a way that even if you clicked the cross button to close the window, the spyware might install on your computer. So to protect your computer from any spyware infection, you should close any suspicious looking window using ALT + F4 instead of clicking on close button. If it doesn’t close, the best way would be to reboot your computer. You should use a pop-up blocker program to stop opening of pop-up windows in the first place. There are many freely available pop-up blocker programs on internet.

Second common method of spyware invasion is bundling it with free software. You might download free software from the internet and the spyware will download with it without your knowledge. To prevent this, you should download software only from reputed and known companies. To check if a free downloadable program contains spyware, search on Google for that program with keywords spyware and adware. You will find out if any incidents of spyware with that software have already been reported.

You should regularly update the anti-virus program on your computer. Most of the anti-virus programs scan for spyware and adware, apart from viruses and worms. The security settings of your internet browser program should be kept high. If you use windows, it is advisable to keep the automatic update on. That way you would be sure to download latest security features. You should keep the firewall of your computer turned on to further dissuade unscrupulous hackers. Read more: how to hack someones whatsapp without their phone

If you do suspect that your computer is infected by spyware, there are many anti-spyware programs available in the market. They help you detect and remove any spyware or unwanted program from your computer. The computer should be run in safe mode when such program is scanning for spyware.

In the worst case, formatting the hard drive and reinstalling the operating system may be the last resort. You should keep the back-up of all the files that you want to save. That way you would be absolutely sure that your computer is free from any spyware.