Ever since its first launch, the mobile phone has evolved by leaps and bounds.

The current generation is glued to smartphones to such an extent that in future, even the use of computers would diminish remarkably.

This calls for monitoring their activities so that they do not become addicted to these devices.

Along with the call logs and messages, you should be monitoring all the applications installed on the device.

The only method to send messages is not the standard SMS.

There are social networking platforms and instant messengers. Here we will discuss some of the famous phone hacking apps available online.

1. iKeyMonitor:

As the name indicates this application is capable of monitoring and recording keystrokes, texts, call data, surroundings, and websites.

It also keeps a check on the internet usage so that you can control the activities.

With the help of this online account, you can keep a watch on the media files, messages, and instant messenger activities.

Not only that the app blocking feature gives more power to this mobile spy app.

This free app does not have the option to log into the online account if the device is switched off.

Well, after all, this is free software.

2. Copy9 mobile hacking

You would have already heard about this app which is a pioneer in tracking and monitoring text messages.

The advanced coding enables it to monitor all the activities on the instant messengers installed on the device.

Using the application tracking feature of this software you can detect the new application installations and uninstallations.

You will get to know if the user has installed dangerous applications that may be life-threatening.

You should definitely install this tracker if the phone is used by your teenager (prevention is better than cure).

The facility to block apps, numbers, and websites makes this easy for the parent.

3. MxSpy:

How to hack a phone by using MxSpy

As mentioned earlier, caution should be there while using these smart devices.

Without us knowing, our data and private information are being shared with many people.

It may seem harmless at first but that is not the reality.

You should be very careful about the application you use and the websites you visit.

Mobile spy apps like MxSpy can help you in this regard.

The online control panel helps you to monitor the messages, calls, instant messenger chats, and GPS locations.

The media files, notes, memos, and contact lists are also accessible online.

But the important feature provided by the developers is the App blocking facility.

Just go through the hardware and firmware requirements before purchasing the subscription.

4. Appmia:

Another spy phone app that can be used to spy on your loved one’s daily chores is Appmia.

You will need to root your device and the target device to install the Appmia software and this can be done with the help of technical support executive.

There are three packages available – basic, premium and lifetime. All the packages give you features like SMS monitoring, call recording, IM message monitoring, and GPS tracking.

The premium and lifetime packages include live call interception and ambient recording.

5. 9SpyApps:

The last one on this app spying software list is an advanced mobile spy app – 9SpyApps.

There are three different packages available for this software – Standard, Premium, and Gold.

This invisible spy app silently runs on the target phone to monitor GPS location, call log, text messages, calendar updates, web history, and emails.

With the app control feature, of this software you can get the list of installed applications, date of installation, size, version number, status, and even the icon.

Install this app on your kid’s or employee’s phone to make sure that they are not abusing their freedom to use smartphones.